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Filling out and returning the Production Services Registry .INI file

eHealth Exchange Knowledgebase Article

Attached to this Knowledgebase article are two .INI files that are used to create your unique UDDI entry for your production and/or validation environments.  The .INI file needs to be filled-out and returned to us in order to issue your production and/or validation UDDI entries.  Please ensure that all information is precisely correct before submitting your files.

The form contains four separate sections: Organization Information, Contact Information (1), Contact Information (2), and Service Information.  Please make sure to complete all fields, and two contacts are required. 

Organization Information Guidelines:

Your instance should reflect VAL for validation, or PRD for production entry. 

Your gateway, if this is your first and only UDDI entry, should be "01."  If this is a secondary entry, it should read "02" or "03" for a second or third gateway.

The business key section can be left blank if you are unsure what to enter and Sequoia staff will complete for you.

Service Information Guidelines:

Please be sure that you are using the correct endpoints for your validation or production environments, depending on the entry you are completing.  Test endpoints should be used for a validation entry and production endpoints should be used for a production entry. 

The Exchange specifications may be found at:

Once the form has been filled out, it should be emailed to techsupport at sequoiaproject dot org.  If this is an open issue in our ticket tracker, be sure to include the ticket number in the subject line of the email by hitting 'reply-all' to the latest email related to this support ticket.


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