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X.509 Certificate Installation Guide

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Please read The Sequoia Project Certificate FAQ as it has critically important information about the proper configuration of your system, handling of certificates, etc. It may be found at

In order to facilitate the certificate installation process, we have created a guide for organizations to assist you.  It is in the attached file.  Please note that the Entrust URLs are different for PRODUCTION vs. VALIDATION certificates.  Also note that a VALIDATION x.509 certificate must not be used in a PRODUCTION environment, and that a PRODUCTION x.509 certificate should not be used in a VALIDATION environment. 

As indicated in the attached guide, after installing the certificate, please do an initial test by performing an initial query against the appropriate UDDI.  This important step confirms basic certificate functionality. Also, let us know when the certificate is installed and we'll perform a security test to help confirm proper installation and configuration.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this process.


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