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When is a Participant Considered Live?

To be considered an eHealth Exchange Participant, the following criteria must be met:


Technical Checklist:

[ ] Execute the signed DURSA
[ ] Obtain eHealth Exchange Coordinating Committee (CC) approval:
    [ ] As being eligible to join the Exchange and to proceed to testing
    [ ] To participate in the Exchange as a conditional production participant
[ ] Schedule an Activation Briefing with eHealth Exchange’s staff
[ ] Return an electronic copy of the Entrust Subscriber Identity Verification document to eHealth Exchange Support Staff (not Entrust)
[ ] Return an electronic copy of the Entrust Subscriber Agreement
[ ] Return the Activation Production Certificate Authority form (in Excel format)
[ ] Send written authorization by the Notarized Subscriber authorizing vendor or other person to act on his/her behalf (email notification is fine)
[ ] Follow the instructions that will be sent to you to obtain and install your x.509 certificate(s)
[ ] Return the Activation Services Registry form (in Excel format)
[ ] Validate that the UDDI entries are correct once eHealth Exchange support staff sends the XML UDDI export
[ ] Check your certificate installation (see the certificate FAQ for smoke tests and other validation steps)
[ ] Perform bi-directional exchanges with at least one eHealth Exchange Participant

The Certificate FAQ may be found at: []


From the business side, an informal definition of being considered an eHealth Exchange Participant, is that the following criteria must be met:

[ ] Applicant approved as satisfying the eligibility criteria by the Coordinating Committee and referral for participant testing
[ ] Testing successfully completed, with test results approved by Coordinating Committee
[ ] Technical end points added to the service registry (pending confirmation of proper operation)
[ ] Production certificate successfully installed in applicant's production environment (pending confirmation of proper operation)
[ ] System is in production and capable of exchanging data with other participants
[ ] Payment has been received for all applicable fees (testing, participation, etc.)
[ ] DURSA is countersigned by the Sequoia Project on behalf of the Coordinating Committee
[ ] Notify the eHealth Exchange that the system is in production by sending an email to admin at sequoiaproject dot org

A more formal definition and more detailed may be found by reviewing the DURSA [], the onboarding process page [], and the testing program page [].

Note that we ask that Press Releases be held until the Participant is live.

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